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photo courtesy of Bob Freeman

1967 Hetchins "Experto Crede"

Old School Bicycles


1951 Hetchins "Nulli Secondus"

Photo courtesy of Peter Brown

1950 Hetchins "Experto Crede" (Phase 1)


1975 Hetchins "Magnum Opus"


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Portrait of Alf Hetchin
photo courtesy of Bob Freeman

Hyman Hetchins began his bicycle shop in the 1920's. In 1934, Jack Denny became the master frame builder for Hetchins. On November 20th of that same year, the application for patent of the curly chainstays was submitted. Production of bicycles with these curly chainstays, officially called "vibrant" stays, began in 1935. On October 19th 1961, Hyman Hetchins died, the business was taken over by his son, Alf. In 1974, Alf moved the business to Southend-on-Sea. In 1985, the business was sold to Bob Jackson's in Leeds. Alf and Jack Denny continued to supervise the production of Hetchins cycles for some time after the purchase. Jack Denny past away on August 4, 1991. Alf Hetchins past away in 1996. Hetchins bicycles continued to be produced by Bob Jackson Cycles. The current Hetchins Company is managed by David Miller in Preston, Lancashire.